An Evening with Sophie Sabbage

When Sophie was given a few months to live five years ago, she knew she needed to attend to her terror with as much urgency as attending to her tumours. On hearing she was going to die she started dying, as if her body was obeying an instruction from ‘the expert’ and following a map drawn by statistics, perceived inevitability and a fear of giving ‘false hope’. 

Since then Sophie has been charting her own path with her ‘terminal’ diagnosis, using powerful psychological tools which she had been teaching for thirty years. She has also become a high profile ‘cancer thriver’ and patient activist since the publication of her first book, The Cancer Whisperer, which became an international bestseller. 


Sophie will be talking about:

  • How to stay mentally and emotionally well even when your body is very ill.

  • Why some cancer patients survive but don’t thrive while others thrive even if they don’t ultimately survive.

  • The importance of treating your mind, heart and spirit as well as your body.

  • Limiting mindsets that we need to recognise and shift to be fully alive, fully creative and fully present to our situation.

  • Why we need to search for more than a cure.


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Sophie is a Sunday Times best-selling author of two life-transforming books. She has spent 30 years delivering deep shifts to  thousands of individuals, 20 years helping leading brands respond to changing winds and 5 years transforming a terminal cancer diagnosis into the most productive period of her life. 

B.C. (before cancer) she ran an award-winning business consultancy with her mentor, Dr. K. Bradford Brown, a brilliant psychologist who was a student of Viktor Frankl, Alan Watts and Carl Rogers. Her academic background is in psychology, English Literature and organisational change. Since cancer, she has become a global authority on how to thrive in adversity. She has also been to the north and south poles of her humanity to stay alive. 

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