Our Founders

The Team - Debbie Gribben


I have grown up with cancer being part of my life; My Mum, Dad, Nan, Grandad, Aunts and Uncle, have all had various cancers.


My Mum had early onset dementia and cancer of the pancreas.  When Mum sadly passed away I decided alongside my sister (best friend) to train as a complementary therapist.  Little did we know three years after our Mum died that my sister’s daughter, my beautiful niece would be diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a rare aggressive bone cancer.  We were all devastated, but knew we would be at Louise’s side throughout her brutal yet vital treatment. 


When Louise was well enough we would give her gentle hand, foot and back massages to ease the pain and help her relax. Our Dad purchased a juicing machine and we would prepare various nutrient packed juices (until the chemotherapy kicked in, and for a while Louise could not tolerate these!!) We purchased healthy nourishing food and I completed an online course for nutrition.


I also booked onto a Richard Bandler/ Paul McKenna NLP Practitioners course to help Louise visualise her life cancer free.  This all helped Louise tremendously and she still uses this and meditation/mindfulness techniques today. Louise is very health conscience and partakes regularly in strength training.  We are all very proud of her.


Since then I have had a vision to create a hub where people affected by cancer can receive complementary therapy, physical training, nutrition advice, mindfulness/meditation, yoga and much more to give them the tools to live life well. I completed more advanced training and training for oncology complementary therapy at Mount Vernon Hospital, The Amethyst Trust, Beauty Despite Cancer (Jennifer Young) and a day at the Royal Free Hospital with Keith Hunt MBE.  I also organised (alongside of my colleague Jay Chandarana) a workshop for therapists with Keith Hunt.  Whilst attending my oncology training I realised there was a need for therapists to undertake specialist training to work with people affected by cancer, so this will be included within ‘Finding Me’

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